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Let’s Get the Training Started

Now that Salute has been in his new home for about a month and we’ve mastered leading, loading, and hoof trimming. It was time for the next adventure. This weekend Salute learned to wear the surcingle and the bridle – both of which were completely uneventful. I put the bridle
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Hoof Trimming

The next adventure was hoof trimming. Salute is so easy going and good with all things, that sometimes I forget he is only two and is still learning. How many two year stud colts allow their owners to easily trim their hooves? Following the same practice I use with all
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Bringing Salute Home

The first obstacle Salute navigated was our horse trailer. He shipped across country and traveled in three different trailers even though he had never been hauled before. Can you imagine my inquiry to the haulers? …Looking for someone to pick up a 2 year old stud colt that has never
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