Bringing Salute Home

The first obstacle Salute navigated was our horse trailer. He shipped across country and traveled in three different trailers even though he had never been hauled before.

Can you imagine my inquiry to the haulers? …Looking for someone to pick up a 2 year old stud colt that has never before been hauled or tied?! The haulers were impressed and told me they didn’t realize he was a stud. He stood quietly the entire time.

trailer loading

Salute loading in the trailer

When I met the haulers to haul him the final distance home, Salute needed to get in my trailer which is a step-up, rear tack, slant load. (The haulers’ trailers had him in a box stall or stall and a half and used a ramp.) I thought it might be an issue for him to step up through the narrow opening at the back of the trailer. Boy was I wrong!  He stepped right in. When we got home, he simply backed out. I have two other horses that don’t load or unload as nicely as does Salute!