Let’s Get the Training Started

Now that Salute has been in his new home for about a month and we’ve mastered leading, loading, and hoof trimming. It was time for the next adventure.

This weekend Salute learned to wear the surcingle and the bridle – both of which were completely uneventful. I put the bridle on just like any other horse. He put his head down and opened his mouth like he’s done it for years. He smacked his tongue and lips for the first few minutes, but that was it.

Then I put on the surcingle, also uneventful. We walked and trotted in hand for a few minutes to try it out, but the entire evolution looked like this – lol. Very uneventful.

Surcingle trainingWhen I say that the Shagya is the best breed ever, it’s because I see it in practice every day. Who doesn’t want a horse as easy to train as this?