Our First Foal 2020

Hughes Highland Shagyas welcomed a purebred Shagya-Arabian colt in April. Bradley is by the Tevis finisher *Hadban USA and out of Brise, a beautiful and beautifully moving gray mare. This is our first Shagya-Arabian foal in our breeding journey, and the experience could not have been a better introduction. Brise is a joy to be around, is easy to breed, and is one of the sweetest mares I know. She had an uneventful pregnancy, and I think quite enjoyed the experience, as she wouldn’t let baby Bradley join the world until day 352!

Bradley is full of personality and character, as you can see in the photos – typical of a Shagya-Arabian. He loves to eat, sleep, hop, and make faces. He adds entertainment to every day and looks forward to seeing what we’re going to do each day. I’m very pleased with this cross and am excited to watch him develop and represent the breed.